Volkswagen shipping cars with sailing ships?

When I was in the fifth grade at North Accomack Elementary School, Mr. Casteneda was my teacher and he always spoke  of the cyclical nature of life.  This was back in the 70’s and, of course, we all thought he was a little, well, nutty.  He said that one day people would revert back to growing their own food in the own gardens (how absurd), would start riding bikes instead of driving cars to work (absolutely ludicrous) and that we would want to live in smaller houses (can you say tiny house nation?), etc.  How regressive this man of “supposed” higher learning seemed to be.  I never knew what happened to Mr. C  after I left North Accomack, but I remain amazed at how accurate his predictions were.  Now to see large ocean shippers reverting back to sail power?  Maybe there is something to this cyclical notion of life.   Thank you Mr. C. for your infinite wisdom!

Volkswagen considering sail power….


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